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Latin Link has been providing excellent translation services for a variety of sectors for more than a decade. Our scientific expertise and understanding of exactly what is required in order to accurately translate and produce technical documentation has allowed us to perfect our craft. We carefully delegate each project that are then managed via a process of both self and separate review to critically assess and evaluate production at every stage.

Our team of specialists work together to improve the final document. We are very much a team, and our combined knowledge allows us to find solutions to common translation problems faster and efficiently.

Translator qualifications

At Latin Link, you can be assured that all of our translators have completed advanced academic qualifications within their subject area, and many of our translators have had some work experience within their field.

We pride ourselves on valuing our translators, and we have built up a trusted and reliable translator base. If you want to find out how our team can help you, contact us at [email protected].

Translation Process

After we have received your enquiry, we will send you a quote based on your requirements – this is the same for both one-off projects and longer-term partnerships. Once confirmed, you will be assigned a dedicated tri-lingual account manager as your point of contact throughout the translation and editing process. Our project managers have a background in the translation industry and are adept at managing a wide variety of projects across the medical, life science, technical and scientific fields.

All translations are completed by our translators who only translate into their native language and who are experts within their field. Our translators are proficient in using Computer Aided Translation tools which means they can translate efficiently and consistently for a wide range of document types.

Once returned, each project goes through an in-depth quality assurance process to make sure that every document meets the highest possible standard. Once ready, our project managers will return your translation to you at the agreed deadline.

If you would like to find out more about our translation process, please contact us at [email protected].

Machine Translation Post Editing

Machine Translation Post Editing has developed tremendously in recent years to the extent that it has become a huge help to professionals working in the translation industry. MTPE consists of two steps.

Firstly, a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool machine translates a document. This is done with the aid of a translation memory which is essentially a large specialized glossary imputed into the CAT software.

The second step is that a human translator goes through each line of the document to check and if necessary, edit the translation performed by the machine.

This makes the translation and editing process much more efficient and works well for companies looking to translate large documents in a relatively short period of time. Since each translation is checked twice - first by a specialized translator and then by our editors – you can be confident that your MTPE is up to the highest standards.

For more information about MTPE, contact us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of material can you translate?

Our teams are specialised in the following areas:

-Life Science




Due to our experience with complex scientific text, we are also capable of adeptly handling other non-technical, business, legal and general subject matter such as websites, marketing, finance, contracts and business.

Can you localise my English to Spanish content for different Spanish speaking countries?

Absolutely. Our resources are well equipped to localise content for speakers in different countries. Since our experts understand the nuances of language well, they are able to localise translation content to specific countries. Please see our Spanish Language page (link to Spanish page) for more information.

How do I know that MTPE will be good enough for my client?

In a fast-paced world, Machine Translation has grown to be a fantastic tool which many clients now trust to aid them for their language solutions.

A machine translates your content and then the work is post-edited by a professional translator. This means that they check each translated section and make any edits to make sure that the translation is up to ‘human standard’. This is a very good solution for large projects or those with a very tight deadline.

If you’d like to learn more about how MTPE could help you as part of your translation solutions, please see the Translation Processes page (link here) or get in contact with us today at [email protected].


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