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Languages are complex, very complex for that matter, thanks to local dialects and regional tones. Even the slightest cultural oversight or misjudgement of tone can turn your well-thought-out marketing or communication materials from a success to a failure just like that. Sometimes, it is not enough to just translate. Sometimes, localised translations are required to achieve the results you are looking for in the market you are targeting.

There is a myriad of local dialects in each language we translate, with varying degrees of difference. From UK English to USA English is one example but, with some training, an individual would be able to reproduce texts to both versions, as the differences are relatively minor. However, Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese have complex differences, so these texts would be replicated by native speakers.

Localising your content will help you to appear personable and show that you have taken great care to be able to interact with people who use that regionalised language. It shows that you are knowledgeable and understanding, showing that you have recognised the differences in language to the people you are communicating with.

We work hard to achieve this for you, and our team of translators might be able to help you. Contact our team to see how one of our specialists can assist you.


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